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Madagascar: Ombias Healer, Tibi’s stomach treatment, and Sacred Seeds

The Healing Seekers Team explores Madagascar and spends time with a healer known as an Ombias. An Ombias heals both through information received form the spirits or ancestors and with medicinal plants. His wife, a Tromba, heals through spiritual embodiments. In this segment, the team’s Director of Videography, Esteban Barrera ( “Tibi”) has a stomach issue that the healer agrees to help. Although the treatment is quite uncomfortable, Tibi continues to feel better throughout the day.

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Welcome to Healing Seekers

Healing Seekers is an educational resource serving the community and world as a 501(c) 3 non -profit. The organization’s primary focus is with providing video content material and resources for school systems, educational venues and the general public.
The Healing Seekers Team explores some of the most remote areas of the world such as the Amazon and Andes, Madagascar, and Papua New Guinea. Treks are extensively filmed, which allows for fascinating educational videos and webisodes to be created. These materials complement school curricula and encompass realms such as biology, physiology, ecology, geography, social studies, and so on. Furthermore, the organization brings greater awareness to indigenous cultures and every life form; encourages the preservation of the environment and its people with a particular interest in health and healing; joins together with other people and groups in measures of sustainability, and collaborates with others who share our vision and mission, both locally and globally.

The results of these explorations are fascinating stories of life, amazing discoveries of the interconnectedness of life and how medical treatments and therapies arise from some of the most surprising places. The videos and experiences help others gain greater insight into other worlds and forever impact those who journey with us.

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