Empathy | A Poem by Julie Callinicos

EMPATHY is the cosmic panacea Please do more than pray LOVE, CARESS, HOPE Wrap your arms around the earth the trees… the tiniest mushroom Continue reading

Healing Seekers

Examining Population Structure of Two Species of Australian Freshwater Turtles:

By: Elliot Diggs
Examining Population Structure of Two Species of Australian Freshwater Turtles: Wollumbinia latisternum and Elseya stirlingi. Elliott Diggs, Guilford College, The School for Field Studies, Dr. Timothy Curran, Alastair Freeman, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and Threatened Species Unit of the Environmental Protection Agency Continue reading

Healing Seekers

Johnstone River Snapping Turtle (Elesya stirlingi) on the Atherton Tablelands:

By: Dr. Tim Curran (with Elliot Diggs) – The School for Field Studies Center for Rainforest Studies Yungaburra
Alastair Freeman Threatened Species Group Department of Environment and Resource Management Atherton

Elseya stirlingi (Johnstone River snapper) is a newly described freshwater turtle found endemic to the Wet Tropics of North Queensland. Continue reading

Healing Seekers

Bacteriophages as a New Drug

By: Taylor McClean
Over the years, we have become increasingly dependent on antibiotics to fight bacterial infections, but now more and more bacteria have developed resistance to these drugs. We need a new way to fight bacterial infections, and one way could be through bacteriophages. The use of bacterophages as a new drug was first demonstrated in an experiment by Carl Merril and Richard Carlton, where mice were injected with Escherichia coli and then treated with bacteriophages that target the bacteria. Continue reading

Healing Seekers

The Biologist Who Hated Nature:

By: Taylor McClean
When I think about my lifetime relationship with nature, I realize that ironically, the girl who is now a biology major absolutely despised nature when she was young. I had a very different understanding of nature then – the natural world was scary, those creepy crawly things were out to get me, the hotness of the sun, the saltyness of the ocean, and the stickyness of the sand were only annoyances. Continue reading

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