Healing Seekers is Focus of New Short Film by Celine Cousteau

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Newsletter for January 15, 2012

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Healing Seekers: The Focus of New Short Video produced by Celine Cousteau and CauseCentric Productions

Celine Cousteau joins forces with the Healing Seekers Team

Healing Seekers’ Team, Esteban Barrera, John James, and Amy with Celine Cousteau in remote village along Sepik River, Papua New Guinea Expedition. (Photo taken by team member, Josh Jones)

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Healing Seekers is the focus of the new short video directed and produced by Celine Cousteau / CauseCentric Productions. The video brings awareness to the Healing Seekers’ project, its mission and vision. Cousteau, the granddaughter of legendary oceanaut Jacques Cousteau, joined the Healing Seekers’ team on Expedition: Papua New Guinea. Through her nonprofit, Cousteau is bringing greater awareness to projects that strive to protect the environment, species, and indigenous cultures.

James and Glanville Return to Papua New Guinea

Celine Cousteau joins forces with teh Healing Seekers Team

Scientists and researchers, John James and Mary Glanville, returned to Papua New Guinea in December to continue the work with indigenous tribes.

Scientists and researchers, John James and Mary Glanville returned to Papua New Guinea in December to reconnect and continue our collaborations with the people of Papua New Guinea. Every relationship formed on an expedition is merely the beginning of a life-long commitment to be of service and do the greatest works possible for the people and for our world. James, an instrumental member of the Healing Seekers Team is the CSO of Natural Discoveries, Inc. The company collaborates with indigenous populations in the analysis of plants for future pharmaceuticals and botanical/ natural products. He is also a scientist with biotech front-runner, Targacept in Winston-Salem, NC. Glanville, a marine biologist and pharmacist from University of California at Berkeley, is certified in Phytomedicinals and Alternative Medicine. She contributes her expertise in several areas, including fungi.

New article released by Healing Seekers Plant Professional, Cheryl Farkas

Healing Seekers strives to make available on our website contributions by specialists in their fields. Cheryl Farkas has just released her latest article, Dirty War: An Exploration of Allelopathy. The article is ideal for students and classrooms studying plants, interactions, bio-terrorism, and ‘survival of the fittest’. Farkas does an extraordinary job at simplifying the complex.

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Cheryl FarkisCheryl Farkas – Healing Seekers’ Researcher

Cheryl is a certified as a Plant Professional and holds degrees in Print Journalism/Mass Communications and Professional Photography. She has written numerous articles in publications specializing in botanical and environmental compounds related to health. She is actively involved in ethnobotany, literature review and research and is a contributing writer. Cheryl is instrumental in the identification of plants discovered on the Healing Seekers’ expeditions.

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The Healing Seekers Team on an Expedition


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