Healing Seekers Featured in International Policy Digest and New York City Publication

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Announcement for March 15th, 2012

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Healing Seekers Featured in International Policy Digest and New York City Publication

An article written by New York reporter,Claire McCurdy, has been published in both the International Policy Digest as well as the NYC Publication, Woman Around Town. Both articles appeared in the publications this week and involve an interview that Claire had with Founder and Executive Director, Amy Greeson.

Amy Greeson and Healing Seekers in International Policy Digest

Amy Greeson: A Pharmacist and Healer

Monday, March 5th, 2012
by Claire McCurdy

In Western cultures, people go to a pharmacy for medicine. But in far flung places around the world – the Amazon, Belize, Ecuador, Peru, Mexico, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea – natives depend upon village healers and shamans for medicinal substances. Amy Greeson, a pharmacist and educator, is working to bring the two together.

“My team and I have begun to realize, that through our global expeditions, we were acquiring invaluable knowledge about indigenous cultures and people,” Greeson said. “We were determined to tell their stories. And to work to preserve them. And, finally, to inspire a new generation.”

Amy Greeson of Healing Seekers Walks with village women | Madagascar

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