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Newsletter for April 2011

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Healing Seekers New Educational Video Clips

New Healing Seekers Videos for April

Healing Seekers is proud to present 5 new educational video clips from our most recent expedition: Papua New Guinea. The videos, ‘People of the Mummies’, ‘Mushrooms at Tari’, ‘Interview with Celine Cousteau in PNG’, ‘Seed Fly Catcher’, and ‘Cardio Plant’, encompass the realms of biodiversity, cultural traditions, conservation, and unique healing properties of plants. Educational materials created by Healing Seekers are designed to complement school curriculums, providing a more entertaining and enjoyable platform for students and educators.

These video clips are made possible through the kindness and generosity of the Molly Millis-Hedgecock Donor Advisory Fund and the Emily Millis-Hiatt Donor Advisory Fund.


Healing Seekers to be the Fall Exhibit for the The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro

The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro

The work of Healing Seekers will be the focus of The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro’s Fall Exhibit. Photography and video from expeditions to the Amazon and the Andes in Ecuador, Madagascar, and Papua New Guinea will be displayed. More details to follow soon.


Student Highlight:
Elliott Diggs and Taylor McClean

Take part in the Education Exchange

A vital part of Healing Seekers is the teamwork with students and educators who share a common mission and vision. We are proud to be collaborating with Guilford County Schools and the NC Zoo’s FieldTripEarth, for examples. Additionally, we are thrilled to have students, Elliott Diggs and Taylor McClean, as collaborators with our organization.

Elliott Diggs is a Senior Biology major at Guilford College, with a focus on rainforest ecology and environmental policy and socioeconomics. His research and education is extensive, and involves personal experience of freshwater turtles in Australia.

Taylor McClean is also a Senior Biology major at Guilford College, and additionally has minors in Integrated Science and Environmental Studies. Taylor’s research has involved marine mammal stranding and marine conservation, and the extensive study of bacteriophages.
Contributions from Elliott and Taylor are found in our website (Resources > Educational Exchange).


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Healing Seekers is a strong and vibrant 501(c)3 non profit organization, continuing with tremendous momentum in the areas of education and research. Our local and global impacts are possible because of the vital teamwork and collaborations with others. We invite you to join with us today, and ask your consideration of a tax deductible donation.

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The Healing Seekers Team on an Expedition


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