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Papua New Guinea Expedition a Huge Success

Amy Greeson meets with local healers in Papua New Guinea

The Healing Seekers’ team spent a month exploring in Papua New Guinea. We discovered amazing stories of life, healing and the beauty of the human race. Our footage is spectacular and the stories deeply intriguing. We invite you to journey with us on this path through our video footage, photos, and articles.

We were especially excited to have Celine Cousteau – conservationist, environmentalist, and granddaughter of legendary oceanaut, Jacques Cousteau – and Australian videographer, environmentalist, Capkin van Alpen, join our team for the Papua New Guinea expedition. Video footage with Celine about ocean conservation/preservation coming soon!


Photo from Healing Seekers PNG Expedition Honored

Esteban “Tibi” Barrera, was selected by National Geographic's “Top 12 of the Week”.

This photo, taken by Healing Seekers’ videographer / photographer Esteban “Tibi” Barrera, was selected by National Geographic as one of the magazine’s “Top 12 of the Week”. Captured on our Papua New Guinea expedition, the photo is a close-up of a tribal member at the Goroka Show. You can see many of Tibi’s photos and the team’s photos throughout our website.


Website Debut

New Healing Seekers Website

Healing Seekers is proud to announce the debut of its new website. The website features photos and video footage from the recent Papua New Guinea Expedition as well as our Ecuador and Madagascar expeditions and will offer easier access to our educational videos, articles, photos, and information. Much more material will be added in the days and weeks to come. We would like to extend a very special note of gratitude to Dan and Dawne Deuterman for their generous donation to create this state-of the-art site.


Healing Seekers Receives Two Education Grants

Healing Seekers receives two education grants.  The first is from the Molly Millis-Hedgecock Donor Advisory Fund to provide the funding to create our unique educational videos. These video materials are being utilized by educators and students, helping to raise the bar for education resources.

The second grant is from the Emily Millis-Hiatt Donor Advisory Fund to create short educational clips from our recent expeditions. The clips created from both grants are intended to supplement and empower school curriculums as well as provide informative information for the general public.

Healing Seekers is deeply grateful for these grants which are vital in allowing us to move forward with our important work. We extend our utmost appreciation to the Molly Millis-Hedgecock Board and the Emily Millis-Hiatt Board.

The Healing Seekers Team on an Expedition


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