Healing Seekers Releases 2 Educational Videos thanks to the Emily Millis-Hiatt Donor Advised Fund and Board

With deep gratitude, Healing Seekers wishes to say Thank You to the Emily Millis-Hiatt Donor Advised Fund for the 2012 Grant that allowed so many educational videos to be produced. It is only because of this support that these videos were produced and made available to educators and school systems, nationally and internationally. We are immensely thankful for the continued support by this Board.

The team, under the direction of McWhorter Concepts, is proud to release the final 2 webisodes of 2012. The focus for both is on environmental issues and our planet’s fragile species.

I. Deforestation in Madagascar: Providing Warmth and Food

Madagascar continues to battle great loss of its land and untold species because of practices such as ‘slash and burn’ and Tavy. Amy and the Healing Seekers Team quickly get a grasp of the significance of ‘slash and burn’ on the first night they spend outdoors. As temperatures plummet, measures must be taken to ensure survival. Food, shelter, and warmth are never taken for granted.

II. Baobab Trees and Hissing Cockroaches: Madagascar

The Healing Seekers’ Team looks closely at the magnificent Baobab Trees of Madagascar. Known as ‘roots of the sky’, ‘upside down trees’, ‘bottle trees’, these spectacular trees are also home to life forms such as the hissing cockroaches. The cockroaches, known to be some of the largest on the planet, are found abundantly in many of the tree’s crevices. (To this day, the team is happy the huge cockroaches remained with the Baobab.)

Healing Seekers receives Grant from the Molly Millis-Hedgecock Donor Advised Fund

It is only because of the kindness and generosity of others that our organization has continued to thrive and reach new heights. Healing Seekers is blessed beyond measure to have the continued support of the Molly Millis-Hedgecock Donor Advised Fund and Board. We were overwhelmed recently by the gift of yet another grant from this Board. Especially in this tough economy, we are thankful that we will have the means to continue supplying materials which stimulate and expand young minds. On behalf of the team and the Board of Directors, Thank You!

Gifts from the Jack and Marsha Slane Family Fund, Heath Slane, and the Fenn Family Fund

2012 ended on a fabulous note as our non-profit 501(c)3 organization received gifts from the Jack and Marsha Slane Family Fund, Heath Slane, and the Fenn Family Fund. We are greatly appreciative for these gifts, and teaming together with such community members and leaders. With our educational materials being utilized nationally and globally, it has always been a priority to work closely with our local educators, schools and community. Together we will catapult education to new levels. Healing Seekers wishes to THANK Bill and Candy Fenn, Jack and Marsha Slane, and Heath Slane.

Note of Thanks

On this 7th day of January, we begin this year with hearts full of gratitude to the Emily Millis-Hiatt DAF and the Molly Millis-Hedgecock DAF and to each of you who have (and continue to) support Healing Seekers. For 7 years, we have continued to learn, grow, and build a strong foundation that will allow future generations to continue and expand Healing Seekers to new dimensions. Please know that we are more devoted than ever to be good stewards of your generosity in being of service to the world.

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