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From the High Point Community Foundation’s Annual Newsletter “Acorn”
Originally Published: 2008

What would you say if someone told you that the cure for cancer, HIV/AIDS, or even Alzheimer’s might be discovered by a group right here in High Point? As wild as this scenario may sound it is absolutely possible and the vehicle through which this could take place is a young and growing nonprofit organization known as Healing Seekers.

The program is the inspiration of a remarkable young woman who has already carved out quite a niche for herself in this area as a trusted and much sought after resource for finding natural solutions for various health issues. Her name is Amy Greeson and she is a graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill School of Pharmacy who is now carrying on as the second generation of a family pharmacy tradition in Thomasville. Her father, Joe Greeson and her mother, Barbara, have owned and operated the Thomasville Pharmacy for over 25 years. Upon meeting Amy one is immediately struck by her intelligence, enthusiasm, and commitment that literally radiates from this beautiful young lady who appears to be moving at warp speed in all she does.

The mission of Healing Seeker is to discover and bring awareness to the many healing treatments and therapies taking place around the globe. This is accomplished through a variety of venues which include the production of documentaries, an educational website and presentations to school systems and universities. The countries that have been, or will be explored include; Madagascar, the South American Amazon region, New Guinea, the Congo, Malaysia, and Indonesia. These countries are all known to have the most bio-diverse areas on the planet which are abundant in rare and often previously unknown life forms.

“Several years ago, researchers at Harvard discovered bark from a tree which appeared to knock the socks off the HIV-1 virus,” states Amy Greeson, Founder and President. “They returned to the rainforest to gather more samples from this particular tree only to discover that the tree was no longer there… the area had been destroyed. To this day the research community has been unable to relocate that particular species of tree. We are literally racing the clock as our world is encroaching more and more into these pristine ecosystems. This is why I established Healing Seekers, so that we could meet with and learn from indigenous healers who have natural remedies that we may otherwise never know about.”

The first in the series of Healing Seeker documentaries was a tremendous success with a format that combined the humor of the “Crocodile Hunter,” the exotic charm of the “Going Tribal” program, and the scientific curiosity and voyeurism of the popular “CSI” series.

Amy is a compelling host who has the unique ability to take potentially complicated scientific principles and make them both entertaining and exciting.
The website, which can be located at www.healingseekers.com, continues to grow its content which is full of video clips, interactive educational explorations, information, and discoveries. There will be active classroom applications that will enable students to join in the explorations, to ask questions, and to experience the unique opportunity to learn directly from the source. It is conceivable that future trips will include not only cyber journals, and have real time video that will share healing experiences from around the world, all designed to entice our younger generations to learn not only about their world and its infinite possibilities, but also about themselves and their innate abilities, passions, and potential to make a difference in their world.

The third and potentially most exciting part of Healing Seekers mission is to seek out, discover, and research potentially new healing sources that may have extraordinary healing potential, but are simply not currently identified in the western medicine model.

On a recent trip, Amy met with a woman healer in Madagascar who has been working very effectively fighting breast cancer with a plant that is having more positive healing results than those currently being used in the West to treat breast cancer.

“We are so pleased to be able to support Amy and the Healing Seekers organization and help to expose them to the High Point philanthropic community,” states Paul Lessard, President. “Education has been and continues to be one of the Foundation’s very top priorities and programs like Healing Seekers have tremendous potential for not only educating our young people, but also getting them excited about learning. Amy is a remarkable woman who is touching lives in a powerful way and I am confident that her work will make a very significant contribution to our culture’s perception of healing.”

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