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Newsletter for June 2011

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Karin Muller to Join Healing Seekers Team in Documentary Project

Karin Muller - Healing Seekers

Healing Seekers is thrilled to announce that Karin Muller will be joining the team as technical adviser for their upcoming documentary. Muller, a Swiss-born author, producer, and filmmaker, has produced the PBS television special, Hitchhiking Vietnam, the National Geographic television series, Along the Inca Road, and the documentary series, Japanland: A Year in Search of Wa. The author of several books, she is also a writer for National Geographic and Traveler magazines. She additionally serves as an expert lecturer on Japan for the National Geographic Society. Karin’s expertise and experience will spawn a new level of possibilities with the project.

The upcoming documentary is an adventurous, bold journey into some of the most remote areas of Madagascar and Papua New Guinea in search of medical treatments, indigenous wisdom and knowledge, and the fascinating interconnectivity of life. The viewer is immersed on a journey of discovery, realizing how vital nature and indigenous cultures are to our present day medical treatments and cures.The result is a showcasing of an artful and exciting blending of science, history, geography, sociology and culture.


Healing Seekers Educational Mission takes off with Collaboration with ‘Take2: A Student’s Point of View’

Healing Seekers Collaborates with Take2

Take2: The Student’s Point of View is a nonprofit that is using cutting edge media technology to broaden and enhance classroom objectives and curricula. The pioneering concept is to provide National Geographic quality footage to classrooms while guiding them in the creation of video projects that enhance teaching objectives. Students are additionally taught invaluable lessons on becoming leaders and global citizens. Current expedition footage, shot by Karin Muller, includes the genocide in Sudan, the life and issues in Cuba, the war in Chad, and the conflict in Gaza. Healing Seekers will provide edited educational video segments from its expeditions to the Amazon, Andes, Madagascar, and Papua New Guinea. We are proud to be partnering with Take2 and its 600 plus classrooms nationwide.

Note: Healing Seekers has a paramount mission of providing educational materials to school systems, educators, students, and the public in general. The materials provide scientific information in the realms of biology, physiology, ecology, geography, well as unique insight into social studies and global cultural perspectives. The materials, which are easily accessible to educators and students, are designed to complement and strengthen curriculums, from elementary to graduate study levels. They are furthermore intended to broaden awareness and understanding of people, cultures, the environment, and the world in general.


An Important Message from The Healing Seekers Board of Directors

Healing Seekers Needs Your Donations

As with any successful and strongly sustainable organization, it is imperative to have teamwork. Healing Seekers is totally dependent upon the generosity of others who share our mission and vision. Since its inception in 2006, Healing Seekers has never had a paid staff, therefore contributions go much further and directly into the projects of editing, post-production, expeditions, equipment, etc. Because the materials are unique and timeless, the project will be of great benefit for generations.

We have urgent needs for funding, for projects which will transcend our present work and contributions to society, both locally and globally. Projects slated for the next 18 months include: the made-for-television Healing Seekers’ documentary, $100,000.00 ; Take2 project and the continuation of editing and creation of educational materials for school systems $75,000.00; Expedition #4 :The Democratic Republic of the Congo, $155,000.00.

We invite you to join with us on this incredible journey. Individual and corporate donations are encouraged and welcomed, including sponsorships for documentaries, expeditions, and educational clips.

On this note, we would like to say a huge Thank You this week to Nancy White, of Raleigh NC for her very generous donation to Healing Seekers in memory of her beautiful black lab and best friend, Rosie.


Upcoming Events

  • July 1st, Winston-Salem, NC
    Triad BioSummer, Keynote Speaker
    Amy Greeson
  • September 15th, Chapel Hill, NC
    Seymore Center, Presentation
    Amy Greeson
  • October 13th, Greensboro, NC
    The Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro
    Fall Exhibition, Opening Night
    Healing Seekers Photography and Videography

Your contribution of a tax deductible donation is greatly appreciated.

Healing Seekers is a strong and vibrant 501(c)3 non profit organization, continuing with tremendous momentum in the areas of education and research. Our local and global impacts are possible because of the vital teamwork and collaborations with others. We invite you to join with us today, and ask your consideration of a tax deductible donation.

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The Healing Seekers Team on an Expedition


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