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Newsletter for Sept 2011

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Fall Exhibit at the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro debuts Healing Seekers’ Project

The Community Foundation of Greater GreensboroNative Woman

Healing Seekers is the focus of the Fall Exhibit at the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, located at 330 S Greene Street, across from Deuterman Law. Stunning photography graces the Foundation and is accompanied by educational videos, created from the Healing Seekers’ expeditions to the Amazon and Andes, Madagascar, and Papua New Guinea. The exhibit will be displayed until December 31st. We especially invite you to join us on Thursday, October 13th for the official exhibit reception. More details to follow.


“Bugs are my Buddies” – Healing Seekers’ Educational Exchange to Highlight the Work of Rick Miller

Healing Seekers Collaborates with Rick Miller

Expanding on Healing Seekers’ Educational mission to broaden perspectives and invite new world’s of discovery, we are thrilled to be partnering with our friend, Rick Miller. Rick is an English/Humanities instructor with a Master’s Degree in ESL (English as a Second Language). He has traveled the world, having lived in the Philippines, Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Republic of Niger. His love of insects has been inspired by a lifelong fascination with little critters, and he enjoys exploring and taking photographs of the smallest insects he can find. We believe that you will find his perspective as fascinating and intriguing as we have!


Healing Seekers to Create 3 Part Documentary Series, Made for Television

Healing Seekers Needs Your Donations

Healing Seekers, through its collaboration with McWhorter Concepts, will begin creating a series of 3 one hour long documentaries. The documentaries will follow the team’s explorations and discoveries on expeditions. A blend of science with cultural and spiritual practices will allow others to journey with the team in an immersion of diverse cultures and environments. The films will be geared towards the educational PBS, with the intention of reaching classrooms as well as the general public. Sponsorships, both private and corporate, are available and will be given tremendous exposure.


Educational Exchange Features Contributors Julie and Alexi Callinicos

See Alexi's poetry in the Healing Seekers Education Exchange

The Educational Exchange link on our website is an opportunity for Healing Seekers to team with like-minded individuals who are artists, poets, researchers, etc. All ages and educational backgrounds are encouraged to submit. This month we are proud to highlight the works of Julie Callinicos and her daughter, Alexi. Please visit the website and explore this new world within their poetry.


Founder, Amy Greeson, to Speak at the Robert and Pearl Seymour Center in Chapel Hill

Healing Seekers (and its collaborator, Natural Discoveries, Inc.) will be the topics of a lecture given by Founder and Executive Director, Amy Greeson. “A Global Quest for Medical Treatments and Cures” will be on Thursday, September 15th at 2:30pm at the Robert and Pearl Seymour Center in Chapel Hill. It is open to the public.

Healing Seekers wishes to thank Walter Mack and Nancy Alton for their kindness, and the wonderful privilege to be included in their lecture series.


With Gratitude, the Board of Directors Wishes to Thank Rives and Associates, LLP

Help Us Help the World

The Board of Directors wishes to thank Rives and Associates, LLP in Lexington, NC for their tremendous in-kind donations in assisting with our accounting needs. It is because of the strength and professionalism of our partners that our non profit continues to thrive on such a strong solid foundation. We wish to especially thank Chris Chesson and Sara Messer for their untold gifted hours and unending kindness. Healing Seekers is honored to be affiliated with Rives and Associates, LLP.

We also wish to thank Diana Hartje for her many hours behind the scenes gathering information and organizing data. Thank you!


Would You Please Consider Making a Donation Today?

It is only because of the generosity and kindness of people who share our vision and mission that we are able to continue at such a pace. As a 501(c)3 non profit organization, your contributions are tax deductible. Presently, we have great financial need for continuing the creations of our education materials, our 3 part documentary series, and our upcoming 2012 expedition: the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Sponsorships are available, and afford extensive exposure.

On this note, we would like to extend our deep gratitude to the Molly Millis-Hedgecock Donor Advisory Fund and the Emily Millis-Hiatt Donor Advisory Fund, for gifting us two vital grants this year which allowed our work to continue uninterrupted. We have proudly completely these grants, and the educational videos may be viewed on www.healingseekers.com, on YouTube, on FaceBook, and on the NC Zoo’s FieldTripEarth.

We also wish to extend our gratitude to Dennis and Nancy Franks and Dennis Franks Marketing, for donating the marketing materials for our donor packets. And we would like to extend our appreciation to Lindsay Burkart and Lindsay Realty for sponsoring our Healing Seekers window decals/bumper stickers. Thank you!!


Please Donate Now.


The Healing Seekers Team on an Expedition


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