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By: Amy Greeson –
Originally Published: North Carolina Zoo – Field Trip Earth

North Carolina Zoo - Field Trip Earth2 September 2010: Leaving the U.S

The Healing Seekers 2010 expedition to Papua New Guinea has officially begun. I am really excited; the preparation took much more time and energy than I had imagined, so it is a thrill to finally get it underway. Tibi, our director of videography, and I will begin by flying from North Carolina to Los Angeles, California. (Tibi arrived in North Carolina three days ago from Ecuador.)

In Los Angeles, we will meet Josh (our sound director) and John (our scientist). Our flight to Los Angeles will take approximately six and one-half hours, as we have a stopover in Texas. We will then leave Los Angeles for a 14-hour flight to Brisbane, Australia. That’s a long time to be on an airplane!

Once in Brisbane, we will meet Celine and Capkin, the other two members of our team. Celine Cousteau is the granddaughter of Jacques Cousteau, the famous ocean explorer and conservationist. For years, Capkin has been on the Cousteau diving and filming teams. What an incredible group ! I am stoked.

Most people dread long trips and especially long flights, but I love them. It’s a fantastic opportunity to just relax, daydream, sleep, watch movies, eat, read…everything without interruptions from the phone, texting, internet, etc. Plus, I am already really tired. The preparation was intense, and then I worked the last two days at the pharmacy from 9:00 am until 9:00 pm. So, the rest will be very welcome. I promise, you definitely don’t want to begin a trek like this if you are tired.

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