TEDxHigh Point ready to refresh city’s ideas

An exceprt from an article written by Stephanie Butzer of the High Point Enterprise

Michael Hayworth calls it a half-day brain spa.

The community is invited to join him July 12 when High Point will welcome seven unique speakers to the city’s first TEDx event.

The TEDx Program is an independently organized version of the popular TED Talks events. TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to unique ideas which are delivered to an audience in the form of a short and powerful lecture or demonstration. TEDx supports the same mission by giving communities around the world the chance to listen to their own speakers in TED-like event.

Two of the seven speakers for TEDxHigh Point — Amy Greeson and Will Taylor, both leaders in the medical community — are from the area. But Hayworth, one of the curators for the event, said all of the out-of-town speakers have a relevance to the city.

Each speaker will have 18 minutes to share their ideas with the audience. Topics will range from bitcoin to zen storytelling to 3D food printing.

Hayley Ellman, a rising senior at High Point University, is also a curator for the event, which will be held on campus. As the president of TEDxHigh Point University club, which will host TEDxHigh Point University in the fall, she said people rarely take the time to form ideas in today’s fast-paced world, so it’s important to have this kind of event available to the public.

“I think it’s super important to have that sort of space (for ideas),” Ellsman said. “The way to have that and make it even stronger is just to have an environment where there’s a day where you can hear ideas all day and ideas will come to you. It’s a lot of inspirational imagination in one room.”


“We wanted to bring TEDx here because we do, too, believe in the power of big ideas,” Ellman said. “We want this community to be an amazing place. We want people to walk away inspired.”


July 12, 1-6 p.m., Phillips School of Business at High Point University, free
Registration required. Visit TEDxHighPoint.com/register for tickets


  • Alex Lightman: As the author of several futurist books, Lightman will speak on his progress to remove fossil fuels by 2030.
  • Amy Greeson: Combining her passion for pharmaceutical research, education, writing and traveling, local speaker Greeson will speak on the cross between modern medicine and healing traditions of indigenous cultures.
  • Bob Allen: Allen has spent 26 years with the Walt Disney Company creating live entertainment for the park, and his lecture will revolve around the power of innovation, design, entertainment, art and storytelling.
  • Will Taylor: As a pharmacologist and molecular modeler, Taylor has studied several medical fields, ranging from the HIV virus to computer modeling of drugs.
  • David Brownstein: Named as one of the top 100 Thought Leaders by Leadership Excellence Magazine, Brownstein will talk about his creativity.
  • Lynette Kuscma: This technology-lover took the 3D printing concept and spun it to include 3D food printing.
  • Mark Jeffrey: This award-winning entrepreneur will speak about bitcoin, economic singularity and the future of economics.
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