Amy Greeson in the Community - Healing Seekers

2017 – UNC Eschelman School of Pharmacy, Alumni Board of Directors.

2016 – Return trek to Papua New Guinea.

2016 – Led Expedition to Republic of the Congo.

2015 – Led expedition new territories : Papua New Guinea.

2014 – Led Expedition new territories Madagascar.

2013 – Return trek new territory Papua New Guinea.

2012 – Return trek Papua New Guinea.

2010 – Led expedition to Papua New Guinea.

2008 – Led expedition to Madagascar.

2006 – Expedition to Ecuador, Amazon and Andes.

2008 – Medical Contributor, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Natural Remedies.

2008/Present – CEO/Co-Founder, Natural Discoveries, Inc.

The mission of NDI is to work with healers and peoples to discover and explore in depth the many ‘untapped’ therapies and treatments of other cultures, especially in undeveloped and remote areas of the world. With approval, these treatments will be brought back to the United States, analyzed in laboratories, and evaluated for their potential as new medicines and treatments. It is a strong mission of this project to work in collaboration and with reciprocity, with indigenous people to better their lives and worlds.

2007/2008 – Co-Host, Global Healing Radio

Internet radio show devoted to giving voice to national and international visionaries whose life missions are to better the world in the area of healing. This includes spiritual, emotional, psychological, integrative and alternative medicine, and mainstream medicine. Global Healing Radio was heard in over 40 countries.

2006/Present – President and Founder, Healing Seekers

Healing Seekers’ mission is to explore the world (especially the most biodiverse regions and consequently the most remote regions of Planet Earth) in search of indigenous therapies and treatments; to bring awareness of them via documentaries, Internet and educational avenues with lectures, presentations, etc. To stress conservation and sustainability; and to help others better understand the value of every human being and every life form on our planet.

2005 – Founding Member, Center for Spirited Medicine Alliance

Steering Committee member for this non-profit organization, which is a division of the Association of Natural Medicine Pharmacists, ANMP.

2005/2007 – Board Member, Davidson County Board of Health

2003/2004 – Volunteer, Medical Ministries of Lexington NC

2000/2002 – Integrative Medicine Consultant, Natural Alternatives of Greensboro NC

2000/2001 – Board Member, Thomasville YMCA

1996/2001 – Volunteer, Medical Ministries of Lexington NC

1995/2010 – Thomasville Pharmacy

1989/1990 – President, Association of Students of Pharmacy

Amy served in this position while attending UNC-Chapel Hill. The Association of Students of Pharmacy is the student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association.