Amy's Passion - Healing Seekers

Amy Greeson is a pharmacist, educator, lecturer, writer and world traveler who’s passion is to trek to rarely charted areas and to experience the rawness and purity of life; and to bring that beauty and wonder to others. By exploring some of the most remote biodiverse regions of Planet Earth, she and her team are able to capture wonders of life especially as it pertains to indigenous ways of life and healing. Additionally, it is a strong mission to promote the study, preservation, and sustainability of the Earth’s most biologically rich areas and the life forms and indigenous cultures that inhabit them.

Paramount to her mission and passion is strengthening educational systems and venues. She believes that for a younger generation to become conscious, wise, powerful leaders, entrepreneurs, and global citizens we must take education beyond a typical classroom / textbook experience and immerse them in adventure, exploration and discovery. By discovering new worlds, it is hoped that they will also more deeply discover themselves.