Our Team - Healing Seekers

The Healing Seekers Team is made up of many individuals, who plan, travel, document, and produce the material. Learn more about the team below.

Amy Greeson - Healing SeekersAmy Greeson – Founder, Executive Director, Producer and Host
Amy, a graduate of UNC-CH School of Pharmacy, brings experience from treks into Belize, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Madagascar, and Papua New Guinea. Her background includes serving as President of UNC-CH Pharmacy’s School’s ASP (the student branch of the American Pharmaceutical Association) and being awarded one of the prestigious National Pharmacy Internships in R&D, at Burroughs Wellcome Pharmaceutical Company. An externship with the Public Health Service led to stints in Anchorage and Kotzebue, Alaska before eventually returning home to NC to join the family business. Since then, she has led several international expeditions, and now serves as Executive Director of Healing Seekers and CEO of Natural Discoveries, Inc.
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Esteban Barrera - Healing SeekersEsteban “Tibi” Barrera – Director of Videography
Tibi is a graduate of the film program at Universidad de San Francisco de Quito. He has served as the Director of Videography for the Healing Seekers expeditions to Ecuador, Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. Additionally, Tibi served as a guide on the Papua New Guinea Expedition. He is a contributing photographer and writer.

Wil Weldon
Wil Weldon joins the Healing Seekers team in 2016. Wil is a 2007 M.A. graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism and Mass Communication, where his studies merged traditional broadcast techniques with online multimedia presentation. Wil received a bachelor’s degree in English from Duke University in 1996 and has since worked as an assistant for author Reynolds Price, a producer for Internet media company LookSmart, and in various capacities as a videographer and video technical specialist. His work has appeared on NPR, North Carolina Public Television, throughout Duke University’s web site, on the web for various art and business entities throughout North Carolina, and on other major media web sites. Wil has completed three feature-length documentaries and has won several awards for his work.

McWorter Conepts Logo - Healing SeekersMcWhorter Concepts – Production Support and Full Post-Production
McWhorter Concepts, Inc. is a full-service video marketing company specializing in the production of innovative video communications. The company is staffed by an Emmy Award winning creative team with more than 20 years of television and marketing experience. McWhorter Concepts has served as the post-production team for Healing Seekers since 2008. They have received both an Addy and a Telly Award for their video work with Healing Seekers.

Josh Jones - Healing SeekersJosh Jones – Sound Director and Photographer
Josh holds a degree in Filmmaking from the North Carolina School of the Arts and has a background in television broadcast production. Josh served as the Sound Director for the Healing Seekers’ expeditions to Madagascar and Papua New Guinea. Josh also served as Editor/ Post Production for the Ecuador Expedition; he has served as the ‘patient’ for many indigenous herbal treatments, and is a contributor to the team’s still photography. Josh is also a contributing writer.

Antonio Saillant Consultant - Healing SeekersAntonio Saillant – Consultant
Antonio Saillant, owner of Angel Light Pictures Entertainment Group, a production company that gives inspired filmmakers the chance to make their dreams into reality. His strong belief in going green pushed him to establish Planet GreenFest. Through Angel Light Pictures, Saillant is actively working with small independent movie companies and helping them go green and following Governor Cuomo’s solar goal for New York. Over the years, Saillant worked on other high level filmmaker’s projects, learning the nuts and bolts of production, and worked as a producer. He spent several years shadowing his mentor, Ted Kotcheff, both on the set and in the office learning from him, not to mention, learning in a highly popular television drama series, Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Saillant gained knowledge and education into how the industry really works at the studio level, from the inside out. Saillant is in pre production on a Ted Kotcheff documentary “The Apprenticeship of Ted Kotcheff,” which Saillant will direct, and produce through his Angel Light Pictures production company.

Mary Glanville - Healing SeekersMary Glanville, RPh – Science Consultant
Mary holds a degree in Marine Biology from the University of California at Berkeley and a Pharmacy degree from the University of California San Francisco. She has been certified in Underwater Scientific Research Diving from UC Berkeley, certified in Phy/tomedicinals and Alternative Medicine from APhA and certified in Pharmaceutical Compounding from PCCA. Mary serves as a consultant and research coordinator.

Josh Harrison - Healing SeekersJohn Harrison – IT Specialist
John is the Owner and Network Engineer for Trinity Computer Service. A communications and IT specialist, he is one of Healing Seekers’ original website developers and communications expert. John is a Microsoft Certified Professional and as one of the founding creators of Healing Seekers, has been vital to its growth and success.

Steviemack Harrington - Healing Seekers / Steviemack DesignsSteviemack Harrington – Brand and Web Marketing Consultant
Stephen “Steviemack” Harrington specializes in branding, WordPress website design and digital marketing solutions.

John James - Healing SeekersJohn James – Science Consultant
John is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign with a degree in Chemistry and holds an MBA from Wake Forest University Babcock School of Management. He is currently a scientist at Targacept, Inc., a biotech company in Winston-Salem, NC. John served as Expedition Scientist for treks to both Madagascar and Papua New Guinea and returned to Madagascar for a solo trek to gather additional information. John served as a 2nd unit sound man in Papua New Guinea, and has contributed as a still photographer.

Cheryl Farkas - Healing SeekersCheryl Farkas – Researcher (2010 – 2012)
Cheryl is a certified as a Plant Professional and holds degrees in Print Journalism/Mass Communications and Professional Photography. She has written numerous articles in publications specializing in botanical and environmental compounds related to health. She is actively involved in ethnobotany, literature review and research and is a contributing writer. Cheryl is instrumental in the identification of plants discovered on the Healing Seekers’ expeditions.

Grace Kanoy - Healing SeekersGrace Kanoy – (2006-2009) On-Site Producer, Post Production Contributor
Grace attended the University of Toronto and Victoria University. She has made significant contributions to Healing Seekers including directing marketing activities, design, advertising, and PR projects. She also served as our on-site Producer and Director, Ecuador Expedition; on-site Director, Producer, and Still Photographer, Madagascar Expedition.

Cary Kanoy - Healing SeekersCary Kanoy – (2006 – 2009) Videographer , Still Photographer
Cary’s video training comes from the wild waters of West Virginia. He served as the Second Unit Operator and Second unit Director for the Healing Seekers’ expeditions to Ecuador and Madagascar. He served as field logistics coordinator, emergency first aid and survival expert in both the Amazon/Andes and Madagascar. Also in Ecuador, Cary served as field logistics coordinator and translator.