The Ancient Way and the Modern World

One of the things that I have noticed time and time again in various cultures is that sometimes a person does not understand their worth. When we sit with a healer, inevitably others within the village or tribe will gather. They appear to be perplexed as we show such respect and honor for a member of their group. Continue reading

Field Note: Papua New Guinea Expedition

The trip is going great. The team is fabulous. We have traveled an enormous amount as it takes so much time to get to the more remote areas…yesterday it took 4 hours by boat and 5 hours by road to get to Wewek from the Sepik River. Continue reading

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Peace and Purity of Love

Perhaps the greatest times in any life are those when one is at peace. I have personally found that these moments are directly related to the purity of love within me at that point in time. It is the state that we were intended to reside, yet it is the most difficult to maintain. Continue reading

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Thoughts on Healing Energy

I have always believed that energy is a huge part of life, and in healing – both internally and externally, locally and globally, and beyond. Perhaps it is our society that insists on seeing everything to quantify it…but just as electricity and love and happiness are all very real experiences – so is the energy involved within our bodies and surrounding each one of us. Continue reading