Healing Seekers

A Dirty War | by Cheryl Farkas

There’s a silent, violent, territorial and downright dirty war going on out there that science is learning more about daily. It’s basically ‘chemical warfare’ in the most natural state. Continue reading

Healing Seekers

The Foggy Foggy Forest | A poem by Alexi Callinicos

Like the mists of Avalon foggy, beautiful Forest with emerald evergreen trees Dancing in the fragrant wind With the war of gray and blue Tidal ocean sky Stirring star trees Where the abdicating sun leaps back To her place in … Continue reading

Healing Seekers

Rocky Beach | A poem by Alexi Callinicos

Rocks, rocks Waves, waves At the rocky beach The sea glass Tries to relinquish nature But does not succeed Blue,brown,green And clear sea glass Smooth from wave kissed time While belligerent sharks, jelly fish And mannequin pale people Bloom in … Continue reading

Get This | A Poem by Julie Callinicos

Get this! We are all the same All with the right to live and love whom, what and everything we choose to taste, touch and hold To love ALL Continue reading

Our Origins | A Poem by Julie Callinicos

Look! No, really, look. Observe See with your heart not just your eyes One million fish today Two million people tomorrow And what is the difference anyway? Continue reading