Jewel Weed Photo by Thomas Miller, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center


Jewel Weed cures and prevents poison ivy, poison oak, stinging nettle, Irritants like mosquito bites, bug bites, razor burn, heat rash, ringworm, and athlete’s feet. Jewel Weed neutralizes the oil in poison ivy that creates the skin outbreak. That oil is called urushiol, to say:(oo-roo-shee-ol). Continue reading

Praying Mantis Photo

Poetry by Anika Rose Carlson

Praying Mantis A healthy plant sprouts peacefully upon an ominous praying mantis. It twitches its antennae, slowly turning its head right, left, up, and down to sense its surroundings. Without awakening any life, the praying mantis is in complete camouflage. … Continue reading