North Carolina Zoo - Field Trip Earth

Papua New Guinea Journal

By: Amy Greeson – Originally Published: North Carolina Zoo – Field Trip Earth.  2 September 2010: Leaving the U.S The Healing Seekers 2010 expedition to Papua New Guinea has officially begun. I am really excited; the preparation took much more … Continue reading

North Carolina Zoo - Field Trip Earth

Max and Tami Island

By: Josh Jones – Healing Seekers Sound Director and Photographer Originally Published: North Carolina Zoo – Field Trip Earth Max On our trip to Papua New Guinea we came across several individuals who gave up their beds and even some … Continue reading

Healing Seekers

Lessons from the Amazon

By: Amy Greeson – Recently I trekked with seven others along the Amazon River (in Peru, South America) to the remote village of Jaldar. The small community was nestled in the dense jungle and consisted of eight families. For the … Continue reading

Natural Triad

Natural Triad – Nature and Global Teamwork: Creating Ultimate Health Care

By: Amy Greeson – Several years ago researchers at Harvard, led by John Burley, went to the island of Borneo in search of medical cures. When they returned to the United States they analyzed their specimens in laboratories, working with … Continue reading

Art of Well Being

The Astounding Energy of the Rainforest

By: Amy Greeson – I am constantly amazed at the interconnectedness of all life; the vital roles that plants, animals, and indigenous cultures have in the world of medicine and healing; and the incredible value of tribal/cultural wisdom and knowledge. … Continue reading