Healing Seekers | Betel Nut Seller

Educating the Masses and New Educational Video

Healing Seekers: Papua New Guinea, Crocodile People, Sago, and Betel Nut The Team and the Board of Directors is excited to announce the latest video from Expedition Papua New Guinea. We wish to thank the Emily Millis-Hiatt Donor Advised Fund … Continue reading

Exploring the Jungles of Papua New Guinea and a Generous Grant

Healing Seekers is proud to release their latest video: Papua New Guinea: Moss, Malaria, and Mumu. In this video, the team goes deeper into the jungle, finding a plant used locally for malaria and having a little fun learning how to signal to one another over distances. Continue reading

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Healing Seekers Releases ‘Spiders in Papua New Guinea’

Healing Seekers is proud to release the new video: Spiders in Papua New Guinea: On expedition with the Healing Seekers’ Team. The Healing Seekers’ Team continues to explore the jungle regions of Papua New Guinea. At one point, in the … Continue reading

Healing Seekers | Telly Award

Healing Seekers Honored With Fourth Telly Award

The Telly Awards has named Healing Seekers as a two-time winner in the 34th Annual Telly Awards for their videos titled “Goroka Show” and “Papua New Guinea: Sanitation”. With nearly 11,000 entries from all 50 states and numerous countries, this … Continue reading

Healing Seekers | The Institute for Preservation of Medical Traditions

The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions, Cousteau, and Our Ever-strengthening Board

Healing Seekers Announces Collaboration with The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions. Healing Seekers is proud to announce its partnership with The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions. The Institute, spearheaded by founders Alain Touwaide (a classicist) and … Continue reading