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Amy Greeson wants to uncover the world’s hidden wonders of medicine

By: Jimmy Tomlin of the High Point Enterprise – Originally Published: July 2010.  HIGH POINT – As beautiful as the rosy periwinkle may be, Amy Greeson sees a different kind of beauty in the plant – specifically, a healing beauty. Greeson, … Continue reading

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Business Journal – Up Close: Amy Greeson

By: John Harrison of the Business Journal – Originally Published: Monday, September 20, 2010, 12:00am EDT.  In 2004, Amy Greeson traveled to South America with a group of doctors, nurses and fellow pharmacists to study the healing practices of indigenous … Continue reading

Amy Greeson in Media Buzz

Amy will have the distinct honor of being interviewed for WFDD radio by Denise Franklin, General Manager and Host of ‘Voices & Viewpoints’. WFDD is the NPR news and local arts station which operates from Wake Forest University in North … Continue reading