Celine Cousteau for Healing Seekers

Celine Cousteau explains how her personal, global goals match-up with those of the Healing Seekers. She asks you to consider making a donation to Healing Seekers, so that Amy Greeson and her team can continue their very important work of exploring our vast and beautiful world. Continue reading

Support Healing Seekers

This video explains the goals of Healing Seekers to explore the bio-diverse regions of our planet and to catalog species for medicinal research. There are some great highlights from a recent Healing Seekers fundraiser as well as some inspirational words from Amy Greeson, herself. Continue reading

Healing Seekers HD Trailer

Meet Healing Seekers

Watch this informative video shot on our expedition in Madagascar. Learn what Healing Seekers is all about and expose yourself to a planet of possibilities and meet Amy Greeson and her Healing Seekers team. Continue reading