Poison Tree Frog

Poison Tree Frog (Curare)

From the Amazon, Amy Greeson explains how heart surgery would be impossible without creatures like this poisonous tree frog. Continue reading

Tena Market - Healing Seekers

Market at Tena – Toucan beak

Amy Greeson and the Healing Seekers team stop into a market in Tena, Ecuador. Amy talks to vendors who are selling products used for medicinal purposes including herbs such as stinging nettle, dragon’s blood and toucan beaks. Continue reading

Healing Seeers Pilot

Ecuador Expedition: In Search of Dragon’s Blood

Amy Greeson and the Healing Seekers team are on expedition throughout Ecuador. This video provides an exciting overview of the expedition including meetings with local healers, exploration through jungles and documentation of many interesting plants and animals. Continue reading

Shaman Anangu, Amazon

Shaman in Anangu, Amazon

Anangu, Amazon, Amy Greeson and her Healing Seekers team, on location in the Amazon, speak with a local shaman about indiginous medicinal practices.. (Special thanks to the Blessings Project Foundation for sponsoring this video). Continue reading

Amy's Sick Day - Ecuador

Jungle Fever

Amazon, Amy Greeson takes a rare sick day to review some of the great footage the Healing Seekers team has captured, she marvels at the healing peace provided her by the Amazon. Continue reading