Why Do Parrots Eat Clay

Why Do Parrots Eat Clay

Amy Greeson, in western Amazonia, discusses how macaws and parrots eat clay to detoxify their systems of the toxins in the plants and seeds they ingest. Continue reading

Ear Infection Amazon - Ecuador

How to Treat an Ear Infection in the Amazon – Ecuador

Ecuador, Amy Greeson and the Healing Seekers marvel at the incredible amount of deforestation which is rapidly changing this region. Along the way they also learn how to treat an ear infection the way the Amazon locals do. Continue reading

Army Surgery Ants - Ecuador

Army Surgery Ants and Stitches

Amazon – Amy Greeson and the Healing Seekers discuss the local practice of using army surgery ants to suture open wounds. By allowing the ant to clamp down on the affected area, and then removing the ants body from its head. Continue reading

Yuca (Cassava)

Yuca (Cassava) – Ecuador

Ecuador, Amy Greeson and the Healing Seekers meet with local villagers and drink a fermented beverage made by the women of the area. She discusses how locals use yuka or cassava to ease pain from swelling and burns. Continue reading

Coumadin - Cows, Clover, Bats and Leeches

Coumadin, Cows, Clovers, Bats and Leeches

Amy Greeson discusses how new medical treatments come from wildly different sources: clover, cows, leeches and even vampire bats. Just one more reason that the work that Healing Seekers does is so important. Continue reading