WXII | Healing Seekers

WXII News: Triad Woman Uses Rainforest to Fight Viruses

Michelle Kennedy, of WXII News, visits Chapel Hill to speak with Amy Greeson regarding the important medical research projects undertaken by Healing Seekers and their incredible implications. Continue reading

Healing Seekers | NC People

NC People with William Friday | Amy Greeson

Healing Seekers also wishes to thank Dr. Bill Friday and UNC-TV for the beautiful broadcast about Healing Seekers. If you missed the airing of the Healing Seekers on NC People with William Friday Continue reading

Healing Seekers | WXII News Channel 12

WXII News 12 – Triad Healing Seekers Search For Cures

Michelle Kennedy introduces us to a local group that travels to rainforests and works with medicine men and women in hopes of finding cures for diseases. Continue reading