Healing Seekers | Betel Nut Seller

Healing Seekers: Papua New Guinea, Crocodile People, Sago, and Betel Nut

The Healing Seekers Team continues to explore Papua New Guinea. In this segment, Amy Greeson and the team discover a beautiful tribe, the Crocodile People, and learn of their interesting tradition of a young man’s ‘Right of Passage’. Continue reading

Papua New Guinea: Moss, Malaria, and Mumu

Healing Seekers 2014 Telly Award-Winning video: Papua New Guinea: Moss, Malaria, and Mumu Continue reading

Healing Seekers | Spiders in Papua New GuineaNGThumb

Spiders in Papua New Guinea: On expedition with the Healing Seekers’ Team

The Healing Seekers’ Team continues to explore the jungle regions of Papua New Guinea. At one point, in the western part of the country, they come across a huge matrix of spider webs and are reminded of the significance of these creatures. Continue reading

Baobab Trees and Hissing Cockroaches: Madagascar

The Healing Seekers’ Team looks closely at the magnificent Baobab Trees of Madagascar. Known as ‘roots of the sky’, ‘upside down trees’, ‘bottle trees’, these spectacular trees are also home to life forms such as the hissing cockroaches. The cockroaches, known to be some of the largest on the planet, are found abundantly in many of the tree’s crevices. Continue reading