Deforestation in Madagascar: Providing Warmth and Food

Madagascar continues to battle great loss of its land and untold species because of practices such as ‘slash and burn’ and Tavy. Amy and the Healing Seekers Team quickly get a grasp of the significance of ‘slash and burn’ on the first night they spend outdoors. As temperatures plummet, measures must be taken to ensure survival. Food, shelter, and warmth are never taken for granted. Continue reading

Healing Seekers | Child Healer Madagascar

“Child Healer” (Madagascar)

Amy and the Healing Seekers’ team meet a most unusual healer in Madagascar. A child healer. This is the first time on an expedition that the team has even heard of an indigenous healer who specializes in children. The meeting becomes extra special as beautiful bonds form amongst Enazy, Amy, the village and team. Continue reading

Madagascar Bat Cave and Animal Cures

In the webisode Amy and the Healing Seekers team venture deep underground, exploring the domain of Madagascar’s bats and visit with a “troomba” or healer who discusses traditional animal-derived treatments for cancer. Continue reading

Healing Seekers | Goroka Show | Papua New Guinea

Goroka Show

The Healing Seekers’ Team treks to Papua New Guinea and experiences the Goroka Show, a gathering of over 100 tribes to celebrate their cultural heritage. The celebration showcases the beauty and wonder of hundreds of years of ceremony. The Polga … Continue reading

Healing Seekers | Celine Cousteau

Tribal Medicine – Healing Seekers by Celine Cousteau

CĂ©line Cousteau travels with the Healing Seekers team to Papua New Guinea to film their latest expedition. Continue reading