Healing Seekers | NC People

NC People with William Friday | Amy Greeson

Healing Seekers also wishes to thank Dr. Bill Friday and UNC-TV for the beautiful broadcast about Healing Seekers. If you missed the airing of the Healing Seekers on NC People with William Friday Continue reading

Healing Seekers | WXII News Channel 12

WXII News 12 – Triad Healing Seekers Search For Cures

Michelle Kennedy introduces us to a local group that travels to rainforests and works with medicine men and women in hopes of finding cures for diseases. Continue reading

Healing Seekers | Celine Cousteau Video Jan 2012

Celine Cousteau on the Healing Seekers’ Mission

Celine Cousteau, joining Amy Greeson and the Healing Seekers on a recent trip to Papua New Guinea, takes some time to explain the importance of researching and understanding remote cultures and their healing methods. Continue reading

PNG Sanitation Thumb | Healing Seekers

PNG Sanitation

Rats in their huts, whole alligator and feathered birds on the grill and no clean water – Healing Seekers’ Amy Greeson explores sanitation in Papua New Guinea. (Special thanks to the Molly Millis-Hedgecock Donor Advisory Fund for making this video possible.) Continue reading

Ant Medicine | Healing Seekers

PNG Ant Medicine

In this installment, Amy Greeson and the Healing Seekers Team encounter a veritable traditional pharmacy in a village in Papua New Guinea. In a society of self-awareness and self-treatment, Amy gets schooled on how to treat cough, runny nose and fever with ants. Special thanks to the Emily Millis-Hiatt Donor Advisory Fund for making this video possible. Continue reading