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Healing Seekers: Papua New Guinea, Crocodile People, Sago, and Betel Nut

The Team and the Board of Directors is excited to announce the latest video from Expedition Papua New Guinea. We wish to thank the Emily Millis-Hiatt Donor Advised Fund for their continued support and for making this educational video possible.

Healing Seekers | Betel Nut Seller

Photo by: Esteban “Tibi” Barrera, Director of Videography, HS Team

In this segment, the team continues to explore Papua New Guinea where they meet a tribe, the Crocodile People, and learn of a young man’s ‘Right of Passage’. An excruciating procedure, all young men must go through this ritual in order to be accepted within the tribe and to have a wife. While also trekking in this area of the country, the team discovers a man and his daughter making sago, a food staple. Utilizing the materials of a tree, sago is created and eventually used as part of their diet . The video ends with a segment about betel nut, a curious tasting mixture that is used to increase stamina and alertness. It has become a habit of many people in the region.

Tina Firesheets and the Greensboro News & Record

Healing Seekers wishes to thank Tina Firesheets and the Greensboro News & Record for the recent article about Healing Seekers. Since the organization’s inception in 2006, Tina and the Greensboro News & Record have been exceptionally supportive in promoting the work of our nonprofit. We wish to express our gratitude to them for teaming with us.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the High Point Enterprise for their continued support and press about our projects.

Healing Seekers | Our Team

Photo by: Capkin van Alpen, C. Cousteau and CauseCentric

Healing Seekers’ educational materials are provided free of charge to educators, school systems, and the general public. Our mission is to be a strong contributor in raising the bar in education while broadening minds and hearts. The support of our community (from educators, students and donors, and from the press) has allowed our project to expand in ways we have only dreamed. We are proud to team with such instrumental partners; and we are proud of the resultant materials that are being gifted to the world. It is only because of this teamwork that we continue to have such an impact on our community and the world.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the Healing Seekers Team, we THANK YOU for your continued support.

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