Ecuador Expeditions

Ecuador marked the beginning of a life-long journey to explore the most remote and biodiverse regions of the world in search of medical treatments and cures. In the process of discovering nature’s gifts of healing, the Healing Seekers team encountered a world that was beyond anything imagined. It was a world filled with the magic of the jungle – the surprises of its plants, insects, and animals. It was a world that embraced the wisdom and knowledge of its people, forever valuing their traditions, practices, and beliefs. It was a world delicately interconnected and balanced. And yet, it was the mystical part of this world, which thrived in communion with the Spiritual that perhaps held the most powerful healing for its people.

From its dry arid regions, to the sub-arctic tundra and cloud forests of the Andes, to the lush Amazon Basin, Ecuador is richly biodiverse. Home to over 40 indigenous groups, its people have been entrusted with hundreds and often thousands of years of healing knowledge and practices. Many of Ecuador’s rare and unique species are found nowhere else in the world, and many of them are responsible for healing and treating diseases, both locally and globally. It is the Shaman, the Healer, who has the power to heal and who has been gifted this knowledge.

Yet, sadly it is the Healer who remains one of the most threatened species on Planet Earth. The Healing Seekers expedition to Ecuador journeys into the depths of this wilderness, to discover and better understand its healing practices, its people, and its environment. From the Andes to the depths of the Amazon, this beautiful pristine world emerges…. mesmerizing, culturally captivating, spiritually enlightening, and which may forever change anyone who sees this work highlighted in the photos and¬†videos below.

Expedition Team: Grace Kanoy, On-site Producer and Editor; Esteban Barrera, Director of Videography; Cary Kanoy, Second Unit Camera, translator, guide; Amy Greeson, Team Leader, Host, Researcher.

Post Production Team: Josh Jones, Editor; Grace Kanoy, Co-Producer; Amy Greeson, Co-Producer; Justin Davey, Sound Director.
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