Papua New Guinea Expedition

We had many hurdles and challenges, the least of which was the jungle itself. The results are footage and stories which will greatly benefit students for generations to come.

We realized early on that some of the most powerful educational lessons would involve overcoming personal challenges and teaching that with perseverance you can achieve anything you set out to do. We believe that beyond lessons about nature and the environment, cultures and customs, these lessons about going ‘within’ have the power more than any others to transform a child’s life.

During our trek, we had situations unimaginable… a guide team that left before we even entered the jungle, swarms of bees multiple times a day, colonies of biting ants, running out of water, satellite phones without signals, being arrested twice and taken to police stations 3 times (as outsiders are rarely seen, and with cameras and drones, we were thought to be spies, etc.) In the process though, we met some extraordinary people who became not only our friends, but angels. We were looked over and taken care of by a major Congolese Ambassador, a Colonel and a member of Presidential security, with even the President of the Country becoming involved in our situations to protect us. Without such, the expedition would not have been the success it was.

We are immensely grateful For this opportunity for Healing Seekers to be of service to others and our world, We ESPECIALLY wish to thank you, our supporters ! For it would not have been possible without your support and love.

We are eager to share our materials with the world and look forward to being a catalyst for positive change in many lives now and in years to come.
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