Family-owned pharmacy closes doors after 50 years

The Thomasville Times WebsiteBy: Eliot Duke of the Thomasville Times –
Originally Published: February 2010. 

Thomasville Pharmacy spent nearly half a century in the Chair City, providing prescription drugs and health care products to citizens for generations.

When the time came for owner Joe Greeson to retire, his logical successor seemed to be his daughter Amy, who had worked at Thomasville Pharmacy for much of her adult life. With 48 years of quality service behind it, the chances of the family-run business making a smooth transition under new leadership appeared quite good.

A situation arose, however, when Amy Greeson declined her father’s offer to take over the family business, ending Thomasville Pharmacy’s long standing relationship with its community.

“This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make,” Amy said. “I just felt that at this time in my life, having to devote that much time to something, wasn’t what I wanted to do. It was difficult. I would be remiss if I didn’t say that it has been the highest honor for me to have worked so closely with my parents, and side by side with my father.”

What made the choice so hard for Amy was her educational nonprofit called Healing Seekers. Amy has dedicated her life to the organization that explores the world looking for new medical cures and treatments for diseases. Healing Seekers is Amy’s passion, and the time needed for its cause made running a business too much for one person to handle.

“I think everyone was pretty much in shock,” said Amy. “We’ve had people coming to us for years and years. You form relationships with your customers, and we valued that trust. I think it was hard for them to understand.”

Once the decision was made, the fate of Thomasville Pharmacy had to be decided. It didn’t take long for the Greeson’s to get an offer, as Rite Aid bought the family out. Thomasville Pharmacy officially closed on Tuesday and Amy, along with the other employees, moved across Randolph Street into new positions at Rite Aid. Amy plans on working as a registered pharmacist at the new location while pursuing her dreams with Healing Seekers during her free time.

“The fact we were able to take everyone along was important to us,” Amy said. “Nobody was left without a job. We still get to see a lot of our former customers, which makes it a little easier.”

Rite Aid is welcoming all former Thomasville Pharmacy customers. Replacing prescriptions will be easy. Replacing relationships will be the hard part.

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