Healing Seekers Adds Expedition Congo for Education

Published by BWW Travel on July 20, 2015

BWW Travel World Healing Seekers“Healing Seekers’ mission, as a non-profit, is to explore the most biodiverse regions and most remote regions of Planet Earth in search of medical treatments and cures; to create entertaining and educational documentaries and video compositions for school systems and higher education avenues; to stress conservation, preservation and sustainability for both the environments and the people; and to be a catalyst in helping others better understand, appreciate and honor every human being and every life form on our planet.

Amy Greeson is the founder and executive director of Healing Seekers. Amy devotes her life to discovering ancient healing techniques. Healing Seekers explores some of the most isolated and remote areas of the world, capturing the wonder of the Planet and its life in film. In order to capture the purity of life, one must travel way off the beaten path.”

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