Healing Seekers’ Expedition Congo for Education

Healing Seekers | Expedition Congo for EducationExpedition Congo for Education is set for the end of January through March, 2016. It is the 5th expedition for Healing Seekers. Exploring isolated and remote areas of the world allows us to capture on film the most pristine and raw wonders of the Planet.

Presently our educational materials are with one of the largest on-line media services in the world and are available to over 50,000 schools (20-30 million students) in the USA alone. They are also available on our website and on YouTube.

Healing Seekers’ 2016 Congo Expedition for Education will involve a team of 20 : our small team of 5 and 15 guides, interpreters, wilderness experts and porters who live in the Congo region. The expedition will be extremely intense and will require incredible perseverance.

“Well – There are no pictures, no record, no real information, and no prior studies known on this forest on ethnic or endemic practices and life, the unique ecosystem and flora/fauna, on what you may see or just about anything else in this part of Congo. Some literally believe there are lost species and not-so-incredibly believe dinosaurs or their descendants may even live in considerable populations inside, and that is not a joke – there are at least half a million undocumented gorillas in there too which we may happen upon.

There are going to be a lot of strict safety protocols and equipment, as in the abyssal zone there is no way any helicopter, vehicle, or boat can extract you in the event of an emergency. It is very important that we are fully prepared to undertake an expedition there.”
Chris R., Main guide for Expedition Congo for Education

To help raise the remaining amount of money for this expedition, the Board has decided to do a fundraising campaign. Our GoFundMe campaign is to cover the costs of some of the gear, medical supplies including anti-venoms, off road vehicles, fuel and repair kits, machetes, water filtration devices, multiple extra large heavy duty dry bags, satellite phone, solar chargers, boat and fuel, and flights within country.

We kindly ask for your support.

Healing Seekers | GoFundMe CongoContributions great and small are appreciated; and as a 501c3 non-profit your donations are tax deductible.

Please note: We have secured close to 75% of the total funding needed for this expedition; but are in need of the remaining $28,000.00.(Naming rights on expedition, educational materials, and anticipated documentary are available.)

Click Here: to Donate Now, through GoFundMe or please send your donation to: Healing Seekers PO Box 265 Eastchester Drive, Suite 133-320, High Point, NC 27262

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