Healing Seekers: Papua New Guinea, Crocodile People, Sago, and Betel Nut

The Healing Seekers Team continues to explore Papua New Guinea. In this segment, Amy Greeson and the team discover a beautiful tribe, the Crocodile People, and learn of their interesting tradition of a young man’s ‘Right of Passage’. An excruciating procedure, all young men are required to go through this to be accepted within the tribe and to have a wife. While trekking in this area of the country, the team also comes upon a man and his daughter making sago, a food staple. A fascinating process of utilizing the materials of a tree, sago is used as a bread like substance in the diet. This educational video ends with a segment about betel nut, a curious tasting mixture that has become a habit of many in the region.

The Board would like to thank the Emily Millis-Hiatt DAF for making this video possible.

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