Jamestown News – Documentary on Healing Seekers wins Telly Award

Jamestown NewsBy: Ogi Overman, Staff Writer – Jamestown News
Originally Published: May 9, 2012.

Thomasville pharmacist Amy Greeson and the non-profit she founded, Healing Seekers, is the subject of a documentary which recently won a prestigious Telly Award. The film, “Papau New Guinea: People of the Mummies,” was produced by Greensboro-based McWhorter Concepts, Inc. from footage shot on Greeson’s 2010 expedition to the remote, mountainous locale.

Greeson has led three other expeditions, to Madagascar, Peru and the Amazon rainforest, and has another planned for the Congo in 2013. McWhorter also produced another documentary from one of those treks, and it too won a Telly.

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