The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions, Cousteau, and Our Ever-strengthening Board

Healing Seekers Announces Collaboration with The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions.

Healing Seekers | The Institute for Preservation of Medical TraditionsHealing Seekers is proud to announce its partnership with The Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions. The Institute, spearheaded by founders Alain Touwaide (a classicist) and Emanuela Appetiti (a cultural anthropologist) is committed to “drawing on, and catalyzing an interdisciplinary consortium of institutions worldwide, researchers in the Institute explore ancient books in libraries across the globe, bring to light and investigate their texts, and create on this basis a new knowledge that will ultimately lead to new discoveries and procedures for the integration of traditional resources into contemporary medical research.”

Alain was recently called in to investigate the DNA of ancient medicines found in a shipwreck off the coast of Tuscany, dating back to 140-130 BC.

Healing Seekers, with its focus on educational video materials of present day indigenous cultures and healing practices, will team with the Institute and it’s focus on ancient written archives of global medical traditions. The initial project will include filming Alain and Emanuela exploring historical records; then tying that to present day indigenous healing practices, with the perspective and footage gained from Healing Seekers’ expeditions. The resultant educational short video, under direction of McWorter Concepts, will be available and utilized by both organizations as well as other venues.through both organization’s websites, as well as other venues.

This project is possible because of the kindness and generosity of the Molly Millis-Hedgecock Donor Advisory Fund of High Point, North Carolina.

Celine Cousteau Debuts New Website that Highlights Project with Healing Seekers. Seekers | CauseCentric Productions | Amy Greesson Celine CousteauionMed.jpgHealing Seekers’ friend and collaborator, Celine Cousteau recently announced the debut of her 501(c)3, CauseCentric Productions‘ new website. The non-profit’s mission of ‘Amplifying the voice of great causes’ highlights the work of selected non-profits which tackle strong environmental and socio-cultural issues. Healing Seekers is one of the 4 non-profit projects undertaken by Cousteau.

The granddaughter of legendary oceanaut Jacques Cousteau, Celine is an internationally known environmentalist and explorer. She and professional videographer, Capkin van Alphen, joined the Healing Seekers’ team during Expedition: Papua New Guinea.

Please watch the CauseCentric video about Healing Seekers:

And view the website:

Healing Seekers | CauseCentric Productions

Healing Seekers Announces the Addition of 2 New Board Members

Healing Seekers’ Board Co-Chairs, Nancy Franks and Lindsay Burkart, announce the addition of 2 new Board Members: Annie Teich, CEO and Founder of the Teich Group, and Linda Martin, Educator and Advisor. Both members bring strong educational experience and backgrounds to the organization. A priority for Healing Seekers in 2013 is the increased distribution and better utilization of the organization’s video materials by more local and global school systems and venues.

Annie states:

“The K-12 world is unsettled and in transition. As a byproduct of the long economic recession, schools and districts have been having to make do with fewer funds. Many districts are now running at a deficit. They have downsized their teaching staff, eliminated non-certified positions, and consolidated schools. At the same time, the need to invest in new technology and create more professional development for teachers is a priority as our public schools are failing more and more children each year.
There is incredible pressure to introduce more technology into schools as the digital native students are using technology everywhere except their classrooms. The United States continues to fall in math, reading, and science scores when compared to other developed nations.

STEM initiatives (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) certainly are places where Healing Seekers will bring great value to education.”

The Healing Seekers’ Board continues to become even stronger and wiser in directing the path of Healing Seekers. The Team continues to work hard under its direction to take the organization and its work to new levels.

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