OUR LATEST PROJECT Documentary: Congo Expedition

Healing Seekers is excited to announce its latest project: a full-length documentary based on our recent expedition to the Congo.

The documentary will follow the team as they trek into an unexplored region of Planet Earth. This area of jungle has no current documentation of flora or fauna and the team soon realizes why the rainforest is empty of human life.

Amy, Wil and Esteban with other members of the Congo Expedition team, Congo, February 2016.
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Throughout the entirety of the expedition, the Healing Seekers’ Team confronts one obstacle and problem after another. Often frustrated and afraid, the team keeps moving forward even though their logistics guide team leaves them, they are twice arrested and encounter many demands of the jungle including becoming dehydrated. But together (and occasionally through tears) they push on.

The footage from the expedition will become some of our most powerful educational materials to date. Topics will include school curriculum objectives such as science, geography and social studies; and will highlight inspirational lessons that align with social emotional learning objectives such as grit, perseverance, and determination. Following their dreams of exploring and capturing the jungle on film, the team learns the importance of teamwork and the value of never giving up.

The hour long documentary will be created so that teachers can use the documentary as a whole class lesson, or can be divided into five to six segments to be inserted into specific lesson plans based on the teacher’s learning objectives. These short videos will be added to our video library and distributed to public schools across the country through our current distribution partners, Discovery Communications and New Dimension Media/ CCC Streaming Media.

Healing Seekers has no paid salary or staff. Its Board is an all-volunteer group. Every dollar donated goes directly towards the creation of its unique educational materials. It is only because of the kindness and generosity of people like you that we are able to broaden young minds and hearts by sharing the wonders of our world.

On behalf of the Healing Seekers’ Board of Directors, Advisory Board and Team, we kindly ask for your support today. Donations of any amount are appreciated. And every donor will be listed at the end of the film.

Donations at the $10,000 level and above will be displayed prominently at the end of the film and additionally will have naming rights to one or more of the educational short videos.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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