Peace and Purity of Love

By: Amy Greeson

Perhaps the greatest times in any life are those when one is at peace. I have personally found that these moments are directly related to the purity of love within me at that point in time. It is the state that we were intended to reside, yet it is the most difficult to maintain.

The beauty I find in indigenous cultures is that they live this energy …. It is what they know…. It is who they are. They live in balance with nature, with their environment, and the majority (especially healers) live in communion with Spirit.

Now with the term “Spirit”, there are those who may be quick to judge others, especially indigenous people and even be so horribly bold to label them barbaric and even demonic. Whew. Unbelievable. Perhaps it is because we don’t understand that we quickly rise to judge ?

I wonder how many people in the world are truly intimately bonded with a Higher Spirit, like many in these cultures ? A Spirit which guides and directs, protects and loves ? How can one possibly know what Spirit may be directing in someone else’s life ? Especially one from another culture ?

What I have witnessed in my travels to these remote areas of the world are truly beautiful, loving people, with priorities that I wish that I could say I have. There has never been a time when I have returned from an expedition that I have not grown immensely and grown closer to my God.

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