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The Thomasville Times WebsiteBy:  Kevin Reid, Staff Writer – Thomasville Times
Originally Published: 2007. 

Thomasville native Amy Greeson, who works at Thomasville Pharmacy, is making a name for herself nationally and throughout the world. Since last month, the pharmacist, educator, lecturer, writer and world traveler has hosted a talk show on Internet radio called “Global Healing.” All these activities come from something Greeson feels strongly about.

“I truly believe that there is a cure for every disease and condition that we have,” Greeson said. “It’s just a matter of finding it.”

Greeson believes these cures can be found in plants.

“We’ve only really looked at one half of 1 percent of all the plant life in the world, so we have these incredible bio-diverse areas that have yet to be discovered and explored,” she continued. “We need to look at those areas and discover what we haven’t discovered yet.”

Greeson practices what she preaches. She constantly travels to other parts of the world to learn more about plant life — and how different species can perhaps benefit human health. She is more likely to go to remote jungles — rather than advanced countries — in search of plants with healing qualities.

“I think the indigenous tribes that are there [in the jungles] know things about plants,” Greeson said. “There is no way in the world we can come in and analyze every single plant, but they already use these and know what they are used for. When we combine our efforts with theirs, I think we’re really going to have some optimal health care.”

Greeson has traveled to remote forests in Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Belize and plans to make a trip next year to Madagascar, an island off the east coast of southern Africa. These explorations are leading to documentaries — and a separate company Greeson operates, called Healing Seekers, through which these documents are produced. Also on these trips Bethany Staffieri, a herbalist out of California, who shares the same ideas with Greeson about the potential for plants as healers. Staffieri is also Greeson’s co-host on Global Healing.

Global Healing debuted Sept. 11 and is scheduled to run each Tuesday (live at 10 a.m. and repeated at 10 p.m.) for 13 weeks. Past guests included Rebecca Hamm, a psychologist and author of Chased by the Light and Penny Livingston-Stark, a permaculture designer and founder of Sustainable Living Designs. Future guests include Gloria Karpinski, holistic counselor and author of Where Two Worlds Touch and Barefoot on Holy Ground; Carolyn Toben, board chair of Center for Education, Imagination and the Natural World; and Meredith Holladay and John Paul McNeil, medical professionals, who are also musicians.

“I am learning so much from these interesting guests,” Greeson said. “Many of them are friends I have met through my travels and studies.” Greeson does her part of the show at her home in High Point. She hooks up with Staffieri and the guests via conference call on her land-line telephone.

The show is part of VoiceAmerica, which is billed as “the world’s leading Internet talk show.” It can be accessed at Past programs can also be listened to on the Web site.

Greeson, a graduate of Thomasville High School, earned her degree in pharmacy from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1990. After spending a year as a clinical pharmacist at Community General Hospital (now Thomasville Medical Center), she spent four and a half years in Anchorage, Alaska, practicing her skills. She returned to the area about 12 years ago to join her father, Joe Greeson, who founded — and still owns — Thomasville Pharmacy.

“My dad is very supportive of what I’m doing,” she said. “He worries a lot about me going in the jungle because he thinks it’s dangerous.” But Amy Greeson is determined to use her skills and connections in fighting dangerous diseases.

“It’s my passion in life,” she said. “The documentaries and the talk shows have been a nice blessing, but just bringing awareness to different types of healing is my passion.”

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