Thoughts on Healing Energy

By: Amy Greeson

I have always believed that energy is a huge part of life, and in healing – both internally and externally, locally and globally, and beyond. Perhaps it is our society that insists on seeing everything to quantify it…but just as electricity and love and happiness are all very real experiences – so is the energy involved within our bodies and surrounding each one of us.

Its energy that causes the wind to gently brush our skin and to blow our hair…. And I have often wondered how much I contribute to this energy alone. I mean, if the wind brushes my body in an energetic swirl…how much of my energy influences that pattern…and how much of my energy adds to the overall and how much does it (if it is negative) usurp and drain the overall ?

So if I am in love, or I have very loving thoughts, am I helping to create a more positive energy flow which will go on to affect the environment and other life forms including other human beings? I think perhaps the answer has to be yes.

It is the same energy we share with every living organism…the plants, the animals and insects, including the thriving coral of the seas and the microbes in the soil, to the rocks and mountains, which are all comprised of the same elements as you and me.

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